Your Health Is Linked to Your Lifestyle

Arrange for lifestyle coaching in Billings, MT

Health has to be a combination of exercise and lifestyle. This means eating habits and lifestyle choices have to be examined regularly. That's where the experts at Kinesi Coaching Studios come in. We provide lifestyle coaching and can develop an eating plan that works for you.

Our owner, Rebecca, has a precision nutrition certification and is dedicated to helping you find the right eating habits. We don't offer a one-size-fits-all diet. Every coaching plan is personalized to our clients' needs.

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How will we develop a plan for you?

How will we develop a plan for you?

If you're looking for lifestyle coaching services in the Billings, MT area, turn to Kinesi Coaching Studios. Our team can:

  • Create a daily eating plan, including snacks
  • Help you track a food log
  • Work with you to figure out which carbs to consume
  • Focus on trying to build healthy eating habits
  • Walk with you through stressful times and help you find healthy stress management techniques
Maybe you need to log your food and track nutritional numbers. Maybe you just need a little bit of accountability. Your plan will be specific to your needs.

We'll meet with you at least once a month. When we meet, we'll give you homework that includes diet changes you should be making to yield the health results you're looking for. Get started on your health journey by talking to the experts at Kinesi Coaching Studios today.